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 I legiterally™ can't stop making stuff. 

 Whether it's creative marketing for Star Trek, a pitch deck for the   feature I'm making with my bestie, narrating audiobooks of   romantasy novels I love even though no one asked me or is 

 paying me to, or writing Twilight fanfiction 

 (classified until I get onto the reboot somehow). 




Hey! I'm Maddie Moore.

Actress, producer, voiceover artist, fangirl,

creative marketing lead, & mo(o)re.


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I'm currently represented by A3 Artists Agency for animation, video games, promo, audiobook, and commercial VO! If you'd like to have me on a project, send an email to my agents by clicking here.


My reps at Bonafide & Emerging Artists are your one-stop-shop for on-camera work! If you're interested in a self-tape for film, television, commercial, hosting, or print workj, please reach out by clicking here.


footage + reels


Take a look at my on-camera reel for 2024 here! Catch clips from my appearances in Special Ops: Lioness,  CHICKS , That Girl & That Other Girl, and more. Produced, performed, edited and finished by me.


Voiceover comes very naturally to me, and it's SO much fun -- especially when recorded from my home studio in Brooklyn! In fact, most of the spots you'll hear on my promo reel were recorded in my apartment.

Promo VO Demo ReelMaddie Moore
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 CHICKS (2022) 

In this deleted scene from CHICKS, a Midsommer-meets-Mean-Girls indie darling by director Geena Hernandez, I play Kelly, an absolute velociraptor of a party girl.

After a ridiculously successful festival run, CHICKS is now being developed into the cuntiest and most unhinged feature imaginable -- but in the meantime, you can

 watch the full short streaming on ALTER, here. 


A female main character like Violet Sorrengail hasn't had me in a chokehold like she has in quite some time. Something about this story has ignited a flame within me that can only be satisfied by narrating her point of view.

Iron Flame (Ch. 47) by Rebecca YarrosMaddie Moore
00:00 / 13:55
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Right now, I'm obsessed with Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, and am constantly daydreaming about portraying Violet Sorrengail in the upcoming TV adaptation (hi, Outlier Society 😏) I've been narrating and recording my favorite chapters

in my home booth, as if I've been hired for the audiobook when absolutely no one asked.

I'm just having a total fucking blast living in that literary world.


I work full time at Paramount+, producing

 creative marketing for CBS Originals & Star Trek 🖖🏻 DISCO season 5 is coming, y'all!


I'm also over the moon to be developing a hot pink fever dream of a feature with this mastermind of a woman named  Geena   Hernandez who happened to pick my self-submitted-shot-in-the-dark audition tape for her batshit short film called CHICKS in 2021 and wound up with me as an executive producer and devoted friend.



Follow me on Instagram: @maddiemooregan
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For performance inquiries,
please send a message to my agents:

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Bonafide & Emerging Artists
Film, TV, Commercial, Hosting, Print
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